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District Information

Shoreline Academy is a charter school with the Erath Excels Academy School District. Our home office is located in Stephenville, Texas. Our Shoreline campus is located in Taft, Texas. We are committed to providing a quality education to all students.




About Charter Schools



Charter schools are Texas

public schools that are

allowed to operate under

a written performance

contract or “charter” by the

Texas Education Agency.

Students who successfully

complete all requirements

for graduation, earn an

accredited diploma from

Shoreline Academy and the

State of Texas.


To learn more about Texas

Charter Schools please follow

this link:

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About Erath Excels Academy School District

Our school district’s central office is located in Stephenville, Texas.

Our district is comprised of two campuses, Shoreline Academy in Taft, Texas and Huston Academy also located in Stephenville.

Feel free to contact us if

you have any questions!

Erath Excels! Academy



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Shoreline Academy

361-528-3959 ext 163


Contact Us







Academic Services




Our campus utilizes online

curriculum. Each student is

assign a homeroom and online

courses. There, a teacher guides

students through their

coursework, offers assistance

 and tutoring, grade assignments,

and offers feedback.

·       Serves grades 7-12

·       Low teacher to student ratio

·       Credit recovery

·       High School Equivalency Program (HSEP) for eligible students

·       Special Education/ESL services

·       Curriculum aligned with TEA requirements

·       Computer skills/use of technology

·       Online learning curriculum

We currently utilize